“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you going through a troubling or tough time in your life? Have you tried therapy before but find your distress is continuing? I specialize in a therapeutic approach called Somatic Experiencing SE®.  SE is aimed at reducing the symptoms of stress/trauma such as addictions, depression, anxiety, anger, excessive worrying, PTSD, phobias, chronic pain.
I believe that most mental health symptoms have their origin from reactions to stressful or shocking events rather than being pathologic. These symptoms can be resolved effectively and relatively quickly utilizing Somatic Experiencing-SE® techniques.
For over 100 years narrative “talk therapy” has worked exclusively with our logical brain (Neo-cortex). Neuro-science research has validated that  the completion of the fight/flight and freeze responses can eliminate the feelings of distress, which became switched on” at the time of the root distress incident. This gentle body focused approach, SE®, works with the survival brain, the Reptilian Brain(fight,flight,freeze brain) through the language of the body, the “felt sense”.  Working with each client’s “felt sense” we discover their unique unconscious incomplete fight/flight/freeze survival response from their earliest stressors. After the completion of the thwarted/incomplete self defense response, the nervous system naturally moves back into homeostasis, resulting in emotional resiliency, congruent vitality and a greater sense of well being. This work is especially helpful for those suffering from the effects of events such as; car accidents, sexual violence, family abuse, neglect, hospitalizations, falls and accidents.Are you open to finding out if my work can help you feel better? Call today or email me.