“The other side of any problem, no matter how big or small, is the opportunity to ally with it as a vehicle for your own evolution.” Robin Rose Bennett

Leslee has been helping people navigate life’s challenges for 34 years. Leslee received her MA in Educational Psychology from CSUN in 1978. She attained her license as a Marriage Family Child Therapist in 1979. Leslee was certified as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner by The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute founded by Peter Levine, PhD. Leslee is also fluent in American Sign Language.


After these 34 years of cognitively based counseling, she discovered Somatic Experiencing, a body awareness approach to therapy that can greatly transform psychological, emotional and physical pathology. She also utilizes the modality Neuro-Affective Touch which speaks to the sensory aspects of emotion and can intervene at the physiological level in the unfolding and regulation of affective states and directly addresses neurological deficits, dissociation, dysregulation, chronic bracing and collapse patterns present in states of self-fragmentation.
Leslee has utilized a wide range of modalities in her 34 years of helping people make major shifts in their lives. Leslee’s therapeutic work has been mostly narrative based in CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client- Centered Therapy, Holistic Counseling Strategies, Voice Dialogue, Humanistic Psychology, Spiritual Psychology, Life Coaching, Psychodrama and Guided Imagery. She has incorporated less narrative approaches such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Developing Needs Meeting Strategies (DNMS), Breath Work and Movement Therapy. Leslee feels this gentle neuro-based body focused therapeutic approach, SE ®, has proven to out perform all the others.
“In my opinion, Somatic Experiencing is the final missing piece that has been absent in strictly cognitively based psychotherapy”-Leslee Cook, MFT, SEP.